Space Freighter

This my first attempt at using Blender’s Cycles engine to texture and render a piece. The freighter was created in Google Blocks, and it took about 4 hours. (Shout-out to the very kind developer who helped me recover a lost file when my PC crashed!) Here’s a VR.Google link if you want to check out the model in more detail.

Now for a  bit about Cycles. Getting the .obj was easy, I just copied it from My Documents. It was simple to import into Blender, but as this as my first time using it, the rest of the process had a bit of a learning curve.

Not to worry, I’m planning on making a step-by-step tutorial on how to import and render an .obj from Blocks in Blender, with lots of basics and terms explained! Coming soon 😉

But for this particulate scenario, I had to smart unwrap the model (1 click, not as scary as it sounds), and selected faces to apply textures to. For example, I selected a container, and added a diffusion shader (Shader: A material applied to a surface with properties like roughness, transparency, etc). On the shader, I added an image texture from my desktop, and it automatically wrapped the image around the selected faces. The glowing bits were basic diffusion shaders, and the reflective windows were glossy. Lighting was intentionally a bit stark (because space), but I added a bit of ambient occlusion just so I don’t lose too much detail in the darner areas.


Quite happy with it for a first try!


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