Reach Out

So this one was really fun. I took a bunch of photos of my hand in the pose that I wanted, and checked out a bunch of drawing guides for hands. I imported those into Blocks, and set about making a segmented model. It took a long time (Especially the thumb) because it turns out the human eye is really good at detecting when such a familiar shape is… a bit off. For the butterfly I traced over an image from a research paper. The hand and butterfly were two separate Blocks models, so I could import them around easily individually in Blender. (But I now know you can actually split models in Blender!)

The solid material was (once again) a remix of Reynante Martinez’s Dragon Ball freebie, with some extra emissive to give it a nice glow. The outlines were tricky. I had to make an exact copy of the model, keeping it in the exact same position. This copy I made emissive, and applied a wireframe modifier to. The wireframe was set to only 0.005 thickness, and that made the edges glow! The issue was there were several that were unwanted, so I had to go and individually delete those that I didn’t need.

Check out the Blocks model here.

Will definitely use this style again, I love the look!



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