Google Cardboard

OK, I finally had time again! Blocks had an update last week that fixed that issue where pieces would just suddenly not line up anymore, and I wanted to test that, so here’s a piece that has lots of thing, aligned components. As always, rendered in Blender’s Cycles engine.

This one really helped with practicing UV unwrapping. I’ve been using the basic smart unwrap sofar, but that’s not good enough for this close-up. So I generally selected “Cube unwrap”, and using the “UV/Image edit” view in Blender, positioned the relevant faces over the parts of the texture that I wanted it to use. Went pretty well, although doing all those edges took a while.

Here’s the VR.Google link, if you want to check out the original piece.

Other update: I’m back at UNI now, so these will be more spaced out. But, I’m learning to use Maya there, so expect some more professional pieces soon, hopefully!

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