The Relic

I actually made the alien head in this piece a while back with Oculus Medium, and was wondering how well it would import into Blender. Not that well, to be honest. The piece was usable, but the massive amount of polygons (Even at 50% decimation) was enough to give me several crashes. Probably won’t be doing many Medium to Blender pieces.

Still, this one was a fun experiment, if nothing else. Came out a bit boring and plain, but hey, good practice for next time (Although that black line on the one portraits annoys me… can’t figure out what’s up. Not a flipped normal). I did learn how to resize UV images to fit a face, so that’s handy!

I once again used my adaptation of the excellent Reynante Martinez’s DragonBall material.


Aku Aku Mask

Crash Bandicoot is a dear childhood memory for me, so I gave Aku Aku the remaster treatment to celebrate the release of the new NSane trilogy. Modeled completely in Oculus Medium, this one was a lot of fun. The colours blended particularly well, considering there was no post-editing or rendering involved. The background is just a big reference image positioned behind the sculpt! A lot easier to do than in Blender, that’s for sure.

Probably one of my favorite VR sculpts I’ve done, so I might do some more Crash Bandicoot stuff in the future!